Hello! Looking for a copywriter to engage your customers and internal clients to fit your business needs? You’ve come to the write place. Smart storytelling and audience research are always my first priorities. Communication is at the core of my content strategy and most fulfilling work relationships. I’m open to new remote opportunities.

Yodelpop: Inbound Marketing-focused blogs, email newsletters

With a strong foundation of inbound marketing powered by HubSpot, this woman-owned digital marketing firm allowed me to flex my blogging and email marketing skills to support nonprofits with causes I could get behind.

Stream: MLM marketing, blogs and video scripts

This network marketing company values building a culture of recognition into its marketing strategy. My work bounced between translating the technical language of the deregulated energy market into cohesive, informative and fun sales tools for our Associates and highlighting their unique stories in video interviews, blog posts and email campaigns. 

A request for Christmas card copy turned into a fun video that got the whole office in the holiday spirit.

Lennox: Email marketing

After receiving a video game-themed design concept from an outside agency, our internal marketing team was tasked with creating a strategic email marketing campaign that highlighted select vendors and products for the client, Lennox PartsPlus. Incorporating video game jargon into traditional sales language complemented the design’s interactive elements.

T-Mobile @Work: Email campaign and display ads

T-Mobile’s provocative and bold brand voice made writing for different professionally-minded audiences tactical and inspiring. We A/B tested preheaders, subject lines and body content for several pieces of the campaign, and I even stumbled on a subway ad in Washington D.C.

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