There’s A Story Inside You.

Hey, I’m Princess. My passion for storytelling and writing authentically has been the driving force of my career for over 15 years. I also love working with global and local organizations to help them reach the communities they serve. But really, that only scratches my surface.

What I Do

Craft Your Stories

Partner with companies and brands to develop digital and email campaigns to deliver their message to customers and internal audiences. Look at all the great things I did at Stream, and my nonprofit work is lit too.

Me As A Content Strategist

Find Stories

Cover events and talk with niche communities for national outlets. As a black queer woman, I’m on the lookout for stories that highlight our community. Plus pop culture criticism looks like graphic novel reviews.

Me As A Journalist

Share My Story

I believe healing is found when we write our own stories. I do this through poetry and personal essays and by developing curriculum that teaches youth poets to tap into their memories to process emotions on the page and through performance.

Me As A Teaching Artist (coming soon!)

Where My Work Lives

“You’ve felt these narratives before but have never read them how she delivers them on the page.”

Princess McDowell: A Writer To Put On Your Radar, Lesbionyx