My Best of Netflix Geeked!

the ask was simple: they were looking for nerdy freelance copywriting with a writer’s room, early access to shows and the freedom to create to your geeky heart’s content. bet.

my first campaign was Yasuke, the mecha-fantasy epic from Studio MAPPA and Flying Lotus. I created for multiple social media platforms for Castlevania’s final season, the brand’s first ever #GeekedWeek – Netflix’s comic-con on steroids with a week full of trailers, sneak peeks, and other exclusive content, and became a go-to on the team for anime questions and new shows. I challenged myself to think outside the box and tap into my nerdiest desires with innovation and community in mind. in hindsight, mission accomplished.

the Geeked team is full of some incredible individuals, and I can’t wait to see what they create in the future with the absolute BANGER of slated content on the way. below are some of the faves that I put together from Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. on this page alone are nearly 130,000 likes!


simple yet incredible effective.
aka my life goals.

I can’t not mention: this thread on Yoko Kanno, a witcher family tree and 360 fight scenes.


this one is wild cause I put it together for the edit test, and it did NUMBERS.
probably my favorite post cause Lesley Ann dropped some hearts in the comments.
the addition of Levi Ackermann here wasn’t a surprise to anyone who’s actually up.

I can’t not mention: dream vacation, young’uns and Lucas’ flat top.


this easter egg hunt was fun. he KICKS a BUCKET.
again, simple but incredibly effective.

the best response to your bestie coming out is to always say they could do better #smiling #mindfulness #foryou #strangerthings

♬ original sound – Netflix Geeked
dynamic captions are so fun, but when you pair them with an already fun scene? *chef’s kiss*

I can’t not mention: Vesemir talking smack, Bears II Men and the Upside Down.

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